Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ode to my bitch.

A poem, jointly composed with Secundus while walking the lady Leila around a pond on Halloween. Not that those last two facts have anything to do with it.

Our dog
Is not a possum.
When bigger dogs diss her in the street, she doesn't lie down and play dead till they go away, thinking she's just put one across 'em.
She fearlessly barks right back, which makes her

(Note to international readers: That Og de Nash-ian last rhyme doesn't work with an English accent.)


  1. My mental English Accent isn't working- I can't tell how the reading would be any different... (then again, my Midwest Accent trumps all- yah, you betcha)

  2. Certain stretches of America, especially those not distracted by strong urban accents, could easily rhyme "awesome" with "blossom."

    But the English wouldn't get close -- the "w" in awesome doesn't disappear. It's awwwwwwsome. With a long "a" sound, like the "au" in August or auburn.