Monday, January 10, 2011

A loss to the world of mystery.

A million years ago, I was a St. Martin's Press author. My books were acquired and shepherded by the great Ruth Cavin, truly the doyenne of mystery editors, and a wonderful, kind woman who wasn't shy of giving me a penciled "Oh Alan, for shame!" comment in the margin of a draft when she came across one of my more egregious puns. With her guidance, St. Martin's remained a perennial supporter of the mystery novel and particularly encouraged the development of young, emerging writers.

Sadly, the news comes today of her passing at the age of 92, working till the end. Click here for an informed tribute that says it better than I can -- she was the world's nicest person.

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  1. I never worked with her, but I'm pretty sure she gave me one of my kindest rejections.