Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The sound of my own voice.

I have no way of identifying the individuals who read this blog. Honestly. I don't even know when my followers have logged on. But Google does provide some basic analytics showing the cities that provide visitors. I was quite proud to have attracted readers from Moscow and Mumbai and Lahore, as well as towns in Romania, Vietnam, and Thailand. Until I realized they weren't actually spending any time here -- probably clicking through using that "Next Blog" link just above Will's head and not halted in their tracks even for a second by a doctored picture of Shakespeare.

Quite a few visitors check in from my home town of Rye. But suddenly,  in the last couple of days, I started getting unusually long visits -- fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, two or three times a day! A local fan! Wow! If only I could pinpoint her. (Or him, I suppose, he added grudgingly. Not that there's anything wrong, yada, yada, yada.)

Hang on, though. Fifteen minutes on one blog entry? My charming yet discerning devotee must be truly savoring every word.* Fifteen minutes? Why that's the amount of time it takes to . . . write it.

Yup. I forgot that my computer got a new Internet Protocol address the other day, and I hadn't updated the filter setting that excludes me from the statistics. Oh well.

*Or more likely has second-grade reading skills.


  1. Well, you know that the Old Broad from South Dakota checks in on nearly a daily basis (except when on the road)...

  2. Yeah, well one visitor attributed to Sioux Falls is a bit of a giveaway. Although back in the day when I worked for Citibank, I knew quite a few people who were based there.