Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Definitely articulated.

My mere whimsy in referring to my favorite poet as "Alexander the Pope" (when I quoted from one of his Essays last Monday) gives me an idea for a game. It's not up there with those exercises that give you your porn name (mine's Rocky Lampton) or your Jedi name*, but it's simple and occasionally produces dividends.

Just stick the definite article in between your first and last names and see if you sound like a fictional character, and if so, what from. Best yet: Salman the Rushdie -- pure Tolkein.

*Alabe Goyat, the Yehfiat of Levothyroxine. Not very good. More Fiddler on the Roof than Attack of the Clones. But the mem-sahib's name came out as "Marma Jobal," which is good, and the fact that there really is a character called Jobal in Revenge of the Sith -- a movie I'm proud to say I have never seen -- strongly suggests that George Lucas was running out of inspiration in the naming department, too.


  1. Kathleen the Taylor sounds very like someone who works with needles... not like me at all

  2. I think it makes you sound like a character in a cross-dressing version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.