Thursday, June 17, 2010

The daily . . . what? Insult? Compliment? Can't decide.

Primus: "There aren't many dads like you."

Self: "Explain."

Primus: "Well, with you, I get a dad and a dictionary." He pauses for a moment's thought. "And an encyclopedia."

I guess I talk too much. He wouldn't be the first to complain.


  1. I'm special because I keep Grenadine and Maraschino Cherries on hand for Shirley Temples. Your super powers are better.

  2. Not from their point of view. I'm the one who cooks green things and, unlike their mother, can return from food shopping without a pack of ice-cream drumsticks.

  3. Best type of Dad to have. Though, drumsticks are essential for survival. *nods*