Friday, June 11, 2010

By design.

Diligent (and persistent) visitors will have noticed the different appearance of this blog. Google introduced a new set of templates that offered a little extra control over the layout. It's still not the way I'd like it, but I have been able to tweak the HTML a little more than with the previous incarnation.

Incidentally, the sudden appearance of the bard in my header -- I had some fun Photoshopping the classic Droeshout engraved portrait to make him look suspicious -- is not merely because the phrase "This Private Plot" is lifted from one of his thirty-seven plays with "Henry" in the title (I forget which -- probably Henry IIID), but because WS himself features heavily in the book.


  1. Ah, but what accounts for the stern picture of you that has replaced the original?
    P.S.I am not looking stern these days as I won the election posted about previously.

  2. Congratulations. Of course, now YOU have to fix the oil spill.

    I've gone back to the original picture. The temporary replacement was a self-portrait I took when I started to grow a beard last summer. It captured my mood at the time, but that's another story.

  3. Love the new layout. Blogspot keeps telling me to check out the new options- but I haven't yet. Maybe I should try a renovation as well.