Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's been a quiet week in . . .

Anyone who reads the comments after my posts will notice that some of them devolve into conversations between me and my friend, fellow-blogger, and fellow-mystery writer Kathleen Taylor. (She's inspired me to write a perfectly embarrassing paean to ABBA under the ". . . and Effie" post on February 26.)

I am indebted to Kathi for her good advice in getting me started in blogdom and for her plug on her own blog. So I reluctantly return the compliment -- reluctantly, because if you go there, you'll see how much better hers is than mine:

Although I've met Kathi and her husband Terry, most of our contact is electronic, since she insists on living in South Dakota out there on the edge of the Prairie, where she also set her six (six!) mystery novels, in the mythical town of Delphi. But if you check these out on Amazon -- and I couldn't recommend them more -- you'll also find her name on a growing series of books about knitting and other crafts, which she also covers in her blog.

And now it can be revealed -- Kathi and I began corresponding by email after an exchange on a mystery bulletin board led us to discover our shared passion for a seminal record album of the late 1970s. It was, of course, the first album released from the TV series "The Muppet Show."

Just don't ask her about Rocky Mountain oysters. Look at the reaction of one young reader who picked up Kathi's Sex and Salmonella and found out what they were. Nine years later, and he still hasn't quite recovered.


  1. I read both blogs and knowing you are both Muppet devotees just makes me like you both even more. I once was privileged to see the original Kermit, which remains a fond memory.

  2. I recently recovered some mp3 files from that sacred record, as well as some other Muppet tracks that weren't included. I now have the one song that could be the funniest thing I ever heard -- it had me LITERALLY falling on the floor 30 years ago, and it can still do it to this day. It's a batch of chickens clucking "Baby Face."

  3. I had forgotton that it was The Muppets that brought us together- Lydia the Tattooed Lady, right?

    My favorite Muppet Memory is Harry Belafonte singing The Banana Boat Song- you can see the whole thing on You Tube.

    also: aawwwwww

  4. Thanks. And here are the chickens.