Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fourth-grade logic.

Secundus has been taking a lot of pictures with my four-year-old Canon 30D -- not exactly the cheapest camera around, but I grit my teeth and encourage his artistic endeavors. You never know when any of the boys will display a bankable talent that means I can afford to retire early.

He shows me some "ghost" pictures he's taken of his friend. They look more like double exposures to me than long, low-light exposures during which she may have moved, and I wondered how he managed them.

"Oh, the camera just does that from time to time," he tells me airily.

Just does that?
"It was working fine before you used it last," I say. "If you've damaged it, that's the last time you get to touch it."

"Well, duh," he replies. "Why would I want to use a broken camera?"


  1. Greetings from England, Alan. Just found your blog. Like it. Look forward to keeping up - we have interests in common.

  2. Do the police know about you, too?

  3. I am quite sure they do. But I am ever so polite to any I meet, being very sure to address them as "Officer".