Monday, February 14, 2011

He's lucky he wasn't called Valentine.

Today is Primus's birthday, so Valentine's Day tends to be a subsidiary celebration. Nevertheless, Tertius determined well ahead of time that he was going to create personally inscribed hearts for all of his classmates. (It was Secundus who pointed out that using red paper instead of raiding my printer as usual for his supply would save a lot of coloring.)

He did it all himself, from initial concept to hand delivery. (I helped only with the cutting out, following lines he'd drawn around his own cardboard template.) Among the items he got in return in the great second-grade redistribution of 2011 was a fake Valentine iPod -- a box covered in red paper, with two chocolates in foil attached to string as the earbuds. (I suspect a little parental involvement with the project, said he grudgingly.)

Tertius manages to get the candies to stay in his ears, to the amusement of his teacher. "What are you listening to?" she asks.

"M&M," he informs her gleefully.

Later, a friend of Primus who is visiting for the modest birthday celebrations asks him where he got it the vPod. "You have to have con-nec-tions," Tertius articulates.

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