Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Closing credits.

That instance I gave a couple of entries back about the married man in the elevator -- the idea for the scene has been attributed to the great director Frank Capra, replacing rather more than half a page of dialogue supplied for him by a famous writer.

(Part of my password to edit this stuff is my middle name, Kenneth. For some reason, my fingers keep wanting to type "Henry" instead. Why?)


  1. If it helps, which it likely won't, not that long ago I dated a check 1972. Have no idea why...

  2. Yeah, but at least at some point in time, it was 1972. (Not that you'd remember.) I've had lots of names in my life, but never Henry.

  3. Henry must be your secret doppelganger.

    I'm looking forward to Oliver's continuing adventures! Plus lots more of Effie (though predominantly clothed, please) and Oliver's hilarious roommates. I would love to see you incorporate a short excerpt from a 'Finsbury the Ferret' book, too. Maybe not in this book, but perhaps in your next one.

  4. I did some brief quotes from the Finsbury series in the first two books, and he will make an appearance in the new one -- in fact, I'm just about to write that bit. I enjoy penning that stuff, but just as a taster. I think Finsbury's full-blown awfulness is best left to the readers' imagination.