Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Out! Out, I say!

Sunday (May the Fourth) was Star Wars Day. (It thurroundth uth and bindth uth).

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. (Spanish for "Just mustard, please.")

Then what's a good reason for partying today, May 6, 2014? (Well, it's the tenth anniversary of the "Friends" series finale . . .)

Benighted mortals! Today is the official publication day of This Private Plot, the third title in the somewhat optimistically styled "Oliver Swithin Mystery Decalogy," although if I continue at this rate, I'll be 107 before Oliver and Effie get to third base.*

Anyway, don't waste your time reading this blog entry. Go and buy it! Now! (We cozy authors are tough.)

Or better still, mail me $5 directly, then you don't have to read it.

The other titles are also out in paperback today, for the first time. Buy them too.

*Just kidding, that happened between An Embarrassment of Corpses and Murdering Ministers. But most of This Private Plot is about Oliver's failure to score a home run in the bedroom of his childhood.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Alan! I definitely enjoyed the first two several years ago and have been hoping that they would be reissued as ebooks along with the publication of This Private Plot.

    I had to go to Poisoned Press website, however, to discover that Amazon did, in fact, have them as ebooks. When I search for "Alan Beechey" on the Kindle store on Amazon, all I get is "Murdering Ministers." When I drop the third "e" of your last name and search for "Beechy" on Amazon, I am able to find the remaining two -- An Embarassment of Corpses and the new This Private Plot.

    A little extra work, but that's OK, I'm glad to have them all now. While I still prefer hard copy books, you can't beat ebooks for storage space and for traveling...


  2. Thank you for your comment and your suggestions, Marcia. Frankly, I didn't even know that the older books were also being released as e-books, although I did notice a Nook edition the other day. I'll follow up with Amazon and get the spelling sorted out (a variation on my name that has plagued me since my Elementary Swimming Certificate).