Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Steve Jobs legacy.

I'm at the ophthma . . .  the opthfma . . .  the othph . . .

I'm at the eye-doctor for my annual appointment, and I have to complete one of those questionnaires before we begin. The name of my vision care insurance isn't on my medical card, so I ask the assistant to remind me whose coverage I have. She tells me it's EyeMed.

Despite standing in Rye Eye Care, surrounded by frames, with an eye-test in my immediate future, I write "iMed" on the form.

I guess Apple has me where it wants me.


  1. iPlaud (it's an ap.)

  2. Mr. Beechey - oh when is the third book being published? - I have waited for years!
    I loved the first two - honestly can not wait for the third.
    Sincerely -

  3. @Claire (but thanks Kathi and "whiskers" for the grins). The book is all done, although it's getting another round of trimming and polishing as we speak, like a set of fingernails. After that, there's only the minor stages of (a) finding a new agent, my old one having withered with impatience and (b) finding a publisher, and we'll be all set! I'd say sometime before the Apocalypse . . .

    Thanks for you interest, and call me Alan. Total strangers selling me things on the phone do, so why shouldn't you?

    1. It's hard for me to call someone I don't know by their Christian name - Grandfather was Sir until the day he died.
      Being British makes one a bit formal - Oh I do hope it's before the Apocalypse - though those Mayans and 2012 make one wonder - so perhaps this is your year - at least before 12/12/12. I will keep my fingers crossed that Oliver and that beastly ferret will be in print much sooner than later.
      Sincerely - Claire