Saturday, September 10, 2011

I go fourth.

If the third time's a charm, what's the fourth? Linen? Fruit?

(If it's a fourth wedding anniversary*, it's appliances, according to the modern U.S. so-called "tradition." No doubt the same consumerist folk tradition that gave us the ceremony of dancing round the Maytag, ha, ha ha.)

Anyway, I'm honored to have been asked for the fourth time to do some workshops at the annual Young Authors Conference for the best creative writers in Westchester County's high schools, also known as the best gig in the Universe.

Nice to know I'm doing something right.

*If it's a fourth wedding, it's called have-we-learned-nothing.


  1. woohoo!
    They're very smart people, having you back again.

  2. (Google Chrome took care of the posting problems...)

  3. I bet you liked being anonymous for a while.