Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stupid bloody Tuesday man!

Aaagh! Rookie mistake. "Come out the cow with glasses!" is a quote from John Lennon's poem "The National Health Cow," which appeared . . . not in In His Own Write, which he was off plugging when he should have been in Hounslow with the others, but in his second book, A Spaniard in the Works.

Errors like that can get me smashed with a brick.

And in reference to the title of my last post, I know John said "the Walrus was Paul" in the lyrics to "Glass Onion," but he indicates that he himself is (or was) that aquatic beast, both in the original song and background discussion about it, and in his later lyric "God." So there. Anyway, John was thinking of Lewis Carroll's poem at the time he wrote "I am the Walrus" -- just as "the eggman" seems to be Humpty Dumpty, also from Through the Looking Glass, despite competing possibilities -- but he was distressed to discover later that the Walrus was rather an unpleasant character.

Wow, a post that combines two of my chief obsessions, the Beatles and Lewis Carroll.

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